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Founder & CEO
Sean Miles

For 20 years, Sean Miles, CEO of X5 has passionately and successfully served the beauty industry. His secret of success is based on hard work, integrity, innovation and providing first class customer service.

X5 utilizes the latest advancement in technology to develop a line of innovative tools that enable the professional stylist achieve an unprecedented level of performance.

X5 dryers are not only Superlite and very quiet but also deliver 3 times more natural negative ions and far infrared rays with low EMF than other professional dryers, cutting drying time in half and resulting in dramatically healthier, shinier hair. All X5 dryers include a free volume diffuser as a bonus!!

Nano Silver Tourmaline Technology

Tourmaline is a rare semi-precious mineral with unique ionic and infrared properties. The crushed tourmaline will naturally emit mass quantities of negative ions that seal the cuticle, lock in moisture and, create a smooth silky hair in half the time!! Nano Silver eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, fungi and hundreds of other disease causing microorganisms by inhibiting multiplication and growth thus providing a safer and cleaner environment in the home or workplace.

Press- X5 is endorsed by a number of celebrities and celebrity stylist and our PR firm is continuously promoting X5 in the mass media and trade magazines.

Education & Training provided by Max Eli celebrity stylist and international color director. Max caters to a very elite list of clients in Beverly Hills and the Hawaiian Islands.

X5 is committed to the professional beauty industry and always strives to introduce new and innovative styling tools. We Hope you will join our team and experience the difference.


X5 Superlight™ Tel: (877) 643-7900 | Fax: (310) 527-7979 | E-Mail: Mseanmiles@aol.com