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Wireless Heat Razor


  • Wireless Heat Razor creates very natural hair style.
  • Heat blade eliminates hair cutting edges.
  • HIGH-TECH design & proper weight bring you magic hair cutting.
  • Enough Far-Infrared Heat & Ion for glossy hair



  • Ergonomic design for convenient use
  • World-ever first Wireless Heat Razor will make your hair natural style.
  • Very easy and handy using by recharging method
  • Heat blade eliminates hair cutting edges. (Inner temperature, Max temperature: 150)
  • High-tech design and Proper weight bring you magic hair cutting
  • After putting into stand, the blade will be preheated to 50-60, you can enjoy heating cut always
  • Making a negative Ion by coating platonic on the blade holder you can feel glossy hair for a long time.
  • After using Razor, you can put the razor into the Stand for recharging and keeping. Preheated temperature: (50-60)

New technology (Ceramic Heating Board Heater)

  • Special Ceramic Heating Board Heater will make Wireless Heat Razor and long time work. (Max: 80 minutes)
  • Generate Far-Infrared from Ceramic board heating unit
  • No electromagnetic
  • Our Ceramic Heating Board Heater is much more thermal efficiency than existing heating element and ceramic heater, so it is suited to battery type (wireless razor).

Electric Features


  • AC Power: 110-220V (Free Voltage)
  • Rated Frequency: 60Hz (50Hz as customer's request)
  • Cord Length: 145cm, DC Jack Center (+) type

Rechargeable Batter

  • Working Voltage: 4.2V - 2.75V(DC) B. Battery: Li-Ion 3.7V one Cell
  • Power dissipation: 6W
  • Operating Current: 2,200m A/hr
  • Recharging time: 1 hour 40 mins (Basic)
  • Working time: 50 minutes (Max 80 minutes)
  • Body weight: 105.5 gr.



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